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3 Tamil Thriller Movies You Can’t Miss to Watch

People love watching Tamil thriller movies due to the suspense and excitement they bring. In the Tamil movie industry, many Tamil thriller movies have been released in 2022, such as Kuruthiaattam, Aruvam, Nibunan and many more.

These are new Tamil movies that you can watch on OTT sites such as aha. Read the guide provided below to learn more about these latest Tamil movies, including cast, story, director and much more.

Top Tamil Thriller Movies You Cannot Miss  

The top Tamil thriller movies that you cannot afford to miss are as follows:


This is one of the best Tamil thriller movies of 2022, directed by Sri Ganesh. The cast of this movie includes AtharvaaMurali, PriyaBhavani, VatsanChakravarthy, RaadhikaSarathkumar, Kanna Ravi and many more. The story is about an attendant in a government hospital and also a kabaddi player in Madurai. He meets Muthu, the son of a kingpin in the city and befriends him. This angers Arivu, Muthu’s friend, and this leads to chaos.


This is one of thenew Tamil moviesof the horror genre, and the director of the movie is Sai Sekhar. The cast of the movie includes Siddhartha Jagganathan, Catherine Teresa, KabirDuhan Singh, Stunt Silva and many more in lead roles. The story is about a soft-hearted teacher who is targeted by food adulteration mafias for killing their allies. Manu incidents occur after that; watch this movie on an OTT site to know what happens next.


Nibunan is one of the best 2017 Tamil movies that is directed by Arun Vaidyanathan and has ArjunSarja in a leading role. The cast of this movie includes ArjunSarja, SuhasiniManiratnam, Prasanna and many more. The story is about how a deputy superintendent of police and his two subordinates are after a psychotic serial killer who leaves a clue after every murder. Watch this Tamil thriller movie on ahato learn more about what happens next.

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